Visitor Information

Like many religious establishments, Hindu Temple Society has a few customs and rules that we request you to follow during your visit.

1. Before visiting the mandir, please make sure your clothes are clean and are respectful and not revealing.

2. When entering the building, please take off your shoes and place them on the shoe racks provided.

3. After placing your shoes on the shoe rack, please wash your hands.

4. If an event is in progress, please choose a place appropriate for you: ladies on the left, gentleman on the right – look out for the sign boards overhead. At other times, you may sit together with your friends and family.

5. When worship is taking place, please observe silence or sing along with the priest. Please also make sure that any children with you do the same.

6. When paying your respect to the gods, hold your hands in praying position and go around the stage from left to right (clockwise).

7. When taking the offering (Prashad) from the priest, please accept it by extending your right palm with your left held under it. Please be informed that Prashad may contain nuts. If you are allergic to nuts please inform the priest.

8. Throughout your visit, please refrain from using your mobile phone, and keep your voice respectfully low.

9. You may take photographs in the temple, as long as you don’t disturb others. Please note you don’t take any pictures of children without their parent’s consent.

9. If there is food served in the dining area, please stand in the queue and take only as much food as you can eat. Please place your plate near the bin and leave the table ready for the next person.

You can download and view our full Code of Conduct here: HTS – Code Of Conduct

Thank you so much for your cooperation, we hope you will enjoy your visit!