The Mandir will open its gates to devotees on 1 August 2020, for a limited time between 5 PM to 6:50 PM.
Please read the following information carefully to ensure the Mandir will be a safe place for everyone and can remain open.
Wearing a mask or a good quality face covering will be compulsory. We request you to bring your own. Please ask volunteers should you need any assistance.
Upon arrival please keep your shoes in your car if at all possible. A shoe rack will be provided OUTSIDE the entrance of the building. You will not be allowed to use the old shoe racks inside the building.
While waiting in line, please keep your distance from others. Stand in the circles marked on the floor. People from one household are permitted to stand together.
In the main hall, please offer your prayers standing up. Sitting down or touching your forehead to the floor will not be allowed.
Offering fruits, milk, sweets are not allowed. There will be a special donation box set up should you wish to donate money.
Abhishekh to Shivling will not be allowed.
You will be able to collect prasad from the designated area.
Please leave the hall through the side door.
Remember to keep your distance from others while collecting your shoes.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Jai Mata Di!